Santa Fe Hockey is back

Going Forward

So again just me and Bex this week.

We have a proposal: How about we focus on getting together once a month? This would make it much easier for Nina and Brandon and Vincent and Cayley (or anyone else coming from Albuquerque), and can be more fully planned for, and is less of a commitment. Then, it might be a bigger crowd, more fun, and lead to something more frequent down the road.

We were even thinking we could maybe have it be a potluck picnic thing afterwards.


So just me and Bex this week.

Bex and I may give it another week, but I am thinking I'm going to commit to this basketball group that also plays on Sunday afternoons. So if we play at all going forward, it will likely be earlier.

Means learning how to play basketball, of course, but at least finding people to play with is really easy.

June 7th

Whoops! Late announcement this week. We ARE on for today: 3-5 PM Prep field.

Report from May 17, and hockey May 24th

So things are really hopping now! Two players formerly of the Tuscon club team--Patrick and Kristi/en--found us and came out to play. Very nice to meet and play with them.

Additionally, Courtney--who has not touched a stick in 15 years--came out and was able to get right back into it.

Sunday, May 10th

We are a go! Prep, 3-5PM

Expecting new faces this time.

Sunday, May 3rd

Yes, we are a go! Let's get some more people out there this week! Remember that new players are absolutely welcome, so if you know someone that might have a good time but knows nothing about hockey, bring them anyway!

And Again...

OK, Spring has sprung and we now have permission to use the Prep field on Sundays from 3-5PM. Who's with me?

This is for Spring, 2009, since activity has been so low here.

Shall We Try Again?

OK, so let's try to get out and play some hockey again. Beginning THIS SUNDAY, September 2nd, I will be out running hockey on the Santa Fe Prep field. Due to the extreme wussiness of the hockey community, we will now be meeting at 10AM, instead of nine.

10AM every Sunday, beginning September 2nd, 2007
Santa Fe Prep

This first Sunday will only be an hour. Thereafter, we have a two hour slot.

Sunday, April 15

Even tho the grass is clear and green, there will be no hockey this Sunday, April 15th. We've got an out-of-town guest, and I'm prepping to go out of town myself. At least, I won't be there, and I'll be really pissed if this is the week someone else decides to come out and play.

In any case, tho, the weather is generally warming up and any snow we get doesn't I say it's time to get busy with playing hockey every week.

Oh, and I'm going to inquire about using the turf field at Salvador Perez. It would be pretty fun to play on, tho there are obviously no goals there.

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